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Alternate Universe Bingo

Space! Aliens! Werewolves! Real Life! Fae! Magic! Anything goes

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Name:AU Bingo
Posting Access:All Members, Moderated
Community description:alternate universe fandom bingo challenge

This community is run like [community profile] hc_bingo: sign up and we'll give you a 5x5 table of prompts that you can fill out in certain patterns to earn points and get a prize in the end. For more details see the Rules, FAQ and Points and Scoring posts.

Sign-up for your card here.

Round 2 Schedule:
Sign Ups: October 1; request a card anytime until March 31, 2012
Round 2 Scoring Period: October 1, 2011 - March 31, 2012
Amnesty period: April 1, 2012 - September 30, 2012
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